Go Green in '17   

 Sunday  March 19, 2017​  ( 10 am - 5 pm ) St. Paddy's Day Weekend !

New England's  1st Spring Green Home, Garden & Flower Show 

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Creating a Greener New England


Fusing Traditional, Social, and Digital Media

Maximizing our Exhibitors and Sponsors Exposure through collaboration and participation getting the word out!

Why ? : 

Increase traffic to both expo website and at the same time our exhibitor's  and sponsor's websites and business or organizations partaking  in our unique marketing opportunities.

Build  loyalty and peer support to our contributing exhibitors and sponsors.

Drive attendees to this event.

Build contributing exhibitors and sponsors brand awareness.

Increase our exhibitors and sponsors e-mail subscriptions.

Increase contributing exhibitors and sponsors telephone sales.

Develops free press exposure and coverage for our contributing exhibitors and sponsors.

Increase likes on Facebook for our contributing exhibitors and sponsors.

Drive attendance to our contributing exhibitors and sponsors exhibit space, seminars and demos.

Increase contributing exhibitors and sponsors presence on LinkedIn, Twittter, Instagram etc...

....you get the picture.

We provide all participating exhibitors have the unique opportunity to the Tell their Own Story !

We help our exhibitors and other participating stakeholders turn their own websites into a magnet for themselves as well as our green expo

by cooperatively creating unique  and stimulating content for search engines optimization 

and sharing  it on their own, and the expo's  social media.

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By building up your own band awareness before, during and long after Expo !

  • Green Living Expo Program Guide - ads, listings, write ups and articles
  • Print ads - Logo's in Projo, Ring papers, Natural Awakening 
  • Electric Billboards
  • I Heart Radio campaign 
  • Marketing & PR - highlighs and mentions
  • Presentation & Demo Opportunities at show 
  • Banners and logo's at Green Expo
  • Green Bags logo placement
  • Face Book and Google Ad Words special placement
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  •  Video You tube posted interviews
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"Original, organic evergreen inbound marketing. - that's  what makes our Green Living Expo so unique"

 -  Mike Brady (Expo Producer, TV/Radio Host) 

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